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GENERAL BOAT TRIP × × × × SOLD OUT Book Now 9 Available Book Now 8 Available


For everyone who wants to get wet, this is a 4 - 5 hour trip out into the Jervis Bay Marine Park. We will usually visit two of the bays' many dive site for an hour each, allowing everyone to explore either on or under the water.

This is a trip on one of our dive boats in the Jervis Bay Marine Park. We cater for all people as best we can depending on conditions. You can be a snorkeler, experienced tech diver or anywhere in between on a general boat dive.

Because of the shape of Jervis Bay, there are dive sites that are sheltered in all but the worst conditions. Average visibility is 10 – 15 meters, and most sites slope down from 5 meters to 30 - 40 meters so you can choose your depth depending on your experience. 

We have over 65 Dive Sites with a wide variety of options.

  • The northern-most permanent seal colony
  • The shark nursery
  • Sea caves and caverns
  • Governors Wall
  • Multiple swim-throughs
  • The cleaning station at Elyssa’s Playground
  • Whales at the Bluff in winter

To find out more about the critters you can hope to see, check out

Our general boat trips are around 4 to 5 hours, with a skipper and an in-water dive guide for the divers. Leaving from Huskisson Wharf you will head out into the Bay to visit two dive sites.

The sites are chosen on the day by the skipper and Dive Master depending on the weather, visibility, and skill level of the group.

  • If you want to go out on the boat you must be confident in the water and able to easily swim 200 metres. We operate in the open ocean.
  • For scuba diving you must be at least an Open Water Diver with PADI or an equivilent body, or undertaking training with an Instructor. 
  • If you are not comfortable in the water, or haven't been diving in a while, you will need to arrange a Personal Dive Master to look after you or your entire family to go out on the boat. Please give us a call if you would like to discuss this.

Jervis bay has arguably the best diving south of the Great Barrier Reef. It is a large, safe bay, protected by the towering stone cliffs on the seaside that sink deep into the ocean. The boats will leave from the Huskisson Wharf, only 100m from the dive shop and head out into the marine park. The average journey is around 30min across the Bay. Generally, depending on conditions, there will be two dive locations, with light refreshments between dives. After the 2nd dive is over, we will head back to the wharf.

Meet at the Dive Shop 45 minutes before the departure time to sign in and kit up.

  • Duration : 5 Hours (approx.)
From AUD $175.00

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ADVANCED BOAT TRIP × × × × × Book Now 2 Available ×


Go somewhere different! This 4-5 hour trip out into Jervis Bay is for divers with Advanced Open Water qualification or above. Visit some of our more challenging dive sites or explore familiar areas further.

Are you an advanced or above diver looking to go somewhere different?

We run advanced boats at least once a month that will take you to some of our deeper and more advanced sites which may include the Bluff, Spider Cave, the Cathedral, The Labyrinth, or drift from the SS Wandra to the seals. 

These boats will not cater to inexperienced divers: you may be required to do live drops or deep dives. Advanced Diving certification and skills are mandatory. Dive locations will depend on conditions and preference, we will do our best to take you somewhere different from the everyday or dive familiar sites in a way that we usually cannot do with a less experienced group. 

We can also accommodate some deco requirements depending on the boat and your individual dive plan. Basically you can feel free to explore and not be bound by less experienced divers!

Some advanced boats are followed by a separate night dive boat, these are booked separately 

Come and dive something different at one of the many advanced sites in the Jervis Bay Marine Park.

Need ACCOMMODATION? We have a dive flat right above the shop, book in to make a weekend of it.

  • Duration : 5 Hours (approx.)
From AUD $199.00

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Snorkelling - WHALES AND SEAL TRIPS × × × × × × ×


What has been often stated as the experience of a Lifetime, the opportunity to Swim with Humpback Whales. This trip is a 4 to 5 hour trip in the deeper waters where Humpbacks can be found cruising along the Humpback Highway.

It is widely understood that most Cetacea (whales) are curious and intelligent, and often approach boats and divers to see what they are and what they are doing. With this trip we provide the opportunity to Swim with Whales and Seals in the Jervis Bay Marine Park.


  • A specific trip out on one of our Dive Boats to the Humpback Highway
  • All Snorkelling Gear
  • Hot Drinks and Nibbles
  • A visit to the northern most permanent Seal Colony at the Drum and Drumsticks

All trips are weather dependant (it is the ocean after all) as are the locations.


  • A sense of fun and adventure
  • You must be able to confidently swim over 200m in the open Ocean
  • You must remain Positively Buoyant
  • Your agreement to comply with our Permit Requirements 


Be aware that we DO NOT guarantee that participants will be able to snorkel with the whales or seals, they are wild animals and it will be totally up to the whales and seals to approach the you in the water - we are simply providing you the opportunity for this to occur.

That said almost half of all trips get to see whales underwater and almost all get to swim with seals, and pretty much everyone sees whales from the Boat.

  • The boat will approach under power no closer than 100m to any whale
  • If we believe that the pod may be receptive to a swim, and there are no breaching behaviours or calves with them, we will move into a drop position.
  • Drops will be conducted a minimum of 300 to 400m from the whales and around 20-50m from any direction of travel, any closer and you will spook them and they will dive.
  • The Boat will leave when they are around 150m away and stand off away from the group and pod, turn off engines and wait. 
  • The whales must make the trip the rest of the way to you, you will be in deep water, so if they don't want to see you they will not come near you.
  • Remember their eyes are formed to see through the water, they will see you well before you see them
  • Snorkelers must stay within the drop area and with the Dive Master at all times, you must for your safety obey any instructions that you are given
  • Whales are not to be swam at, approached or dived at, if they come over to you do not attempt to touch them.
  • Everyone must stay a minimum of 30m away and actively swim away if any whale approaches them closer than 6m.

If there is any signs of distress, tail slapping or breaching within 30m all snorkelers must return to the boat immediately. Be aware that this is a deep water activity conducted generally away from the shoreline and with up to 100m of water under you.

Once the whales have lost interest and moved on, the Boat will return to pick you up.

The trip may be cancelled at any time due to safety or other concerns. As with all diving activities the trips are weather dependant, and we may have to restrict or cancel the activity depending on what we find out there. We will do our best to reschedule any cancelled trips due to weather.


a)       Touch, feed or interfere with the natural behaviour of Humpback Whales

b)      Chase or harass whales, or interrupt their swimming patterns

c)       Intentionally enter the water with any cetacean species other than Humpback Whales

d)      Enter the water in groups of more than 10 customers

e)      Spend any more than 30 minutes cumulative time per day with a specific individual or pod

f)        Use additional mechanical apparatus including but not limited to scooters and horns.

g)       Breach compliance with any obligations under provisions of the Biodiversity Conservation Regulation 2017.

We are fully compliant with the requirements of the Australian National Guidelines for Whale and Dolphin Watching 2017 and the NSW Biodiversity Regulation 2017. Our approval is for an on going trial of the concept and is limited to 10 people (one boat) per day.

Our Permit is with the NSW Department of Primary Industries, 


Permitted Commercial activities - 

  • Opportunistic ‘snorkel with humpback whales’ during Boat snorkel
    tours – 2021-22 
  • Opportunistic ‘snorkel with dolphins’ during Boat snorkel tours –
  • Opportunistic ‘snorkel with New Zealand and Australian fur seals’
    during Boat snorkel tours – 2021-22 Trial  

  • Duration : 5 Hours (approx.)
From AUD $199.00

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PRIVATE DIVE BOAT × × × × × × ×


A private boat, complete with your own Skipper and Dive Master, to do and go wherever you want. You can eve take 12 other people with you if you want. Hot drinks, biscuits and soup are all included. Scuba Gear Hire is extra if needed.

Starting from the shop, you will get what you need together and meet your Personal Dive Master. Heading down to the boat where the Skipper will be waiting, you will head out into the Bay to look around. For the next 4 to 5 hours the boat will go and do what you want (Conditions and Safety Dependant). Your Dive Master will let you know where some of the best sites are and take you into the water to snorkel or dive when ever you want. When you are ready, a selection of snacks and hot and cold drinks are waiting for you. 

You can either cruise around, snorkel or scuba dive as you want then we will take you back to the wharf returning you to Husky a maximum of 5 hours later.


  • Snacks, biscuits chips and dip
  • Cold drinks
  • Hot drinks
  • All snorkelling (personal gear)
  • A personal Dive Master, the Boat and Skipper.
Not included is Scuba Gear and Nitrox if you want it.

You can also bring Alcohol for the trip as well, purely up to you, but but just remember that you cant Drink and Dive.

Trips are weather and condition dependant and the Skipper will not take the boat into unsafe conditions (lets face it you wouldn't want to be there anyway). 

Also don't forget that we are a SEA SHEPHERD DIVE CENTER, so we don't allow Fishing or Spearfishing from our Boats.

Apart from that the trip is yours, tour around, see the sea caves, swim with seals or just go out there for a trip. It really is up to you.

  • Duration : 5 Hours (approx.)
From AUD $2,150.00

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NIGHT DIVE × × × × × Book Now 7 Available ×


This is a Night Dive that can be added to an Advanced Boat Trip or chosen as a Single Dive - Make sure that you have all the gear (including tanks and especially torches) for a night dive. The Boat will collect you for this dive.

Are you an Advanced or Above Diver looking to go somewhere different?

Why not do a NIGHT DIVE off one of our Boats, we generally run these boats in conjunction with our ADVANCED OPEN WATER PROGRAM

These boats will not cater to inexperienced divers, Advanced Diving skills are mandatory. You also need to bring your own torches - if you dont have one we will happily sell you set for the trip.

THIS IS A SINGLE DIVE ONLY, the boat will be at Husky Wharf to collect you, and then head out on the Night Dive. The time you get back will depend on if we are in day light savings or not. In summer you will usually return at around 9:30pm and in winter anywhere between 7 and 8pm.

Remember to be at the Dive Shop 45mins early for check in.

Come and do something different at one of the many Advanced sites in the Jervis Bay Marine Park.

Need ACCOMMODATION...We have a dive flat right above the shop, book in to make a weekend of it.

  • Duration : 3 Hours (approx.)
From AUD $99.00

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REACTIVATE (Refresher) Program × × × × SOLD OUT Book Now Available Book Now Available
REACTIVATE (Refresher) Program

REACTIVATE (Refresher) Program

Looking to get back into Diving, want to refresh your skills with a Personal Dive Master then PADI reactivate is for you. You and your friends can have a private assistance from one of our Dive Masters to get back out there and dive.


A Double Boat Dive, Personal Dive Master, Quick Theory Review, Gear Assembly Tutorial, All necessary gear hire, tanks with air or 32% Nitrox if you are qualified, Underwater Skills Review (Dive 1), Fun Dive (Dive 2) with Buoyancy work.

The Fun Part

Brush up on your scuba knowledge and skills. Improve your diving ability and get your scuba gear ready for your next scuba vacation or diving holiday, or just get back into diving.

What you Learn

You go over scuba knowledge you learned during your initial training with the Reactive elearning on your phone, tablet or PC. Then, practise fundamental skills in a pool or a confined water area. You review:

  • Safe diving practices
  • Dive planning fundamentals
  • Problem management
  • Breathing air at depth
  • Recreational diving and dive tables: basic knowledge
  • Recreational diving and dive tables: dive planning

After you complete the knowledge assessment, you go through the Confined Water Skills Preview. You review information about each skill, why it’s important, points to remember when performing the skill and a short video clip. Completing this section just before practising is a great way to refresh your knowledge of how each skill is performed.

The Scuba Review course is particularly beneficial if you:

  • Just haven’t scuba dived in a while and want to get familiar again 
  • Are a PADI Open Water Diver course referral student who wants a refresher prior to making your open water training dives
  • You are a non-PADI diver who want to be refreshed into the PADI system before undertaking a PADI continuing education course.
  • Are a PADI Scuba Diver who wants to upgrade to Open Water Diver

  • Duration : 5 Hours (approx.)
From AUD $499.00

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Dive Master (for 1-4 People) Includes Boat Trip And Gear × × × × SOLD OUT Book Now 9 Available Book Now 8 Available
Dive Master (for 1-4 People) Includes Boat Trip And Gear

Dive Master (for 1-4 People) Includes Boat Trip And Gear

Price Includes, the DIVE BOAT TRIP, all GEAR HIRE, and personal attention just for either you individually or a small group of divers. This is so that you can either work on an area of diving that you want assistance.

The Fun Part

Having a Personal Dive Master allows you the freedom to do what ever you want. 

On the next page you can choose from the following options for your personal trip

  • Improve your skills with an instructor to take you out and help you with any issues that you may have.
  • Grab a Marine Biologist to ID that pesky fish or Nudi, explain about the Jervis Bay Marine Environment, or take you to a specific critters habitat
  • A Private DM to guide you around to where you want with your camera. 

Which ever you choose, they will take care of all those little details, like making sure you have all the right gear, setting everything up and looking after your needs while on the boat. 

You can just relax and leave it up to them.

If you have recently (3 months) completed a Pool Discover Scuba Experience, you can book on here with an instructor to go out on a Boat trip and see Jervis Bay underwater.

What's Included

Everything, the Dive Boat Trip, All Gear Hire that you may need including NITROX 32% if you want, light refreshments and of course a dedicated personal dive guide just for you or your group.

More than 4 of you no problem if there are five or more of you can hire your own boat starting from $1350 which means the 6th person is basically free.

Check out a Private Boats Here. 

  • Duration : 5 Hours (approx.)
From AUD $449.00

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SOLO DIVERS SPOTS × × × × × × ×


There are spaces on this boat for Advanced or Above Divers who are QUALIFIED to Solo Dive - You require either hold PADI - Self Reliant Diver; SDI - Solo Certification or Advanced or Above qualifications and be WITH YOUR OWN BUDDY.

This dive boat has spaces available for appropriately qualified divers to book on. This usually means that we are running a course or other event on the boat and there are spaces on the boat, but not enough to put a Dive Master on the boat with you. 

Appropriately Trained, Equipped and Prepared divers may book onto this boat and "do their own" activities.

To book onto this boat you MUST:

  • Hold a PADI Self Reliant Diver Qualification
  • A SDI Solo Diver Certificate
  • A SSI Independent Diver Certificate, or
  • Be an Advanced Diver or Above and be signing on to two spots with your own buddy.
Additionally if you are diving independently, you must have appropriate redundant gear for the dive.

A Dive Master or the Skipper will be available to give you a detailed briefing of the site and from there you will be free to do your own activities within the parameters set out by the briefing.

  • Duration : 5 Hours (approx.)
From AUD $165.00

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Boat Dive Against Debris × × × × × × ×
Boat Dive Against Debris

Boat Dive Against Debris

We want to clean up our beautiful bay - and we need your help! We'll be taking on a double boat dive to collect trash - including fishing gear, plastic and other marine debris. Help us to protect Jervis Bay's special inhabitants!

As scuba divers, we all know how precious our marine habitat is - for those of us who simply visit the underwater world, and even more so for the critters that call it home. We also know how much harm our waste can do when it's left behind, which is why we are offering this special dive trip in collaboration with Sea Shepherd and PADI Project AWARE.

Plastic debris, fishing gear especially fishing line, and some corroding metals are having a significant impact on the life in our oceans, and it can feel like a lost cause at times when we read catastrophic climate news. However, we can absolutely still make an impact to turn the tide on climate change and pollution by getting involved, doing our bit and encouraging others to join in! We can work together to make a healthier planet.

This trip is not for profit, and the price of the dives cover the costs to operate the boat and a donation to Sea Shepherd. We would love to have you join us to meet other likeminded divers and get out in the water! Please do note that gear hire is the usual additional cost.

  • Duration : 5 Hours (approx.)
From AUD $120.00

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Private Shore Excursion × × × × × × ×
Private Shore Excursion

Private Shore Excursion

A shore trip for you and up to 4 freinds lead by one of our Dive Masters, snorkel or scuba.

This trip can be for just yourself or up to 4 freinds, come for a shore trip at some of the magical beachs we have on offer in Jervis Bay accompanied by one of our Dive Masters, either snorkelling or SCUBA.

 Call the shop to book!

Meet at the Dive Shop 45 minutes before the departure time to sign in and kit up.

  • Duration : 3 Hours (approx.)
From AUD $375.00

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Women's Dive Day - 19th of November × × × × × × ×
Women's Dive Day - 19th of November

Women's Dive Day - 19th of November

Its Ladies Day at Jervis Bay. If you are a lady diver come on and get your gear together and go out on the boat with the other girls. After a day diving, everyone will go to Kanpai for dinner and to talk about...stuff...See you there.

Dive Jervis Bay is an advocate for the Girls that Scuba community! Every few months we organise a day just for women. We go out and spend a day together and it has proven to be a very supportive and fun day. Of course, we end the day with drinks and food at Kanapi (some would say this is the best part of the day).

We have a special guest every event. In the past we have had a Seahorse specialist who came and taught all the ladies about seahorses and their habitats and diets. We have also had an incredible Marine artist who has come and spoken about her role in the female community and showcased all her art.

We will have another special, badass chick come and explain how she is rocking the female world.

  • Duration : 8 Hours (approx.)
From AUD $175.00

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